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About Medical Systems

MEDICAL SYSTEMS is the newest and most exciting force of change in the healthcare business and we are ready to change the way you feel and think about healthcare solution.

We introduce a series of new X-ray products to the world market, with the help of experienced employees in Digital Radiography field. Especially, by providing cutting-edge products at reasonable price has led MEDICAL SYSTEMS become a trustworthy company among buyers everywhere.

Your value is of the utmost importance to MEDICAL SYSTEMS.

We strive to enhance user friendly interface and design in collaboration with the latest technology in order to improve quality and maintain cost effectiveness to satisfy your needs,

hence contributing to advancement of medical industry. We also attempt to enhance living quality of all mankind through building global network and distributing quality products everywhere.

We promises to improve the quality of patient care by making affordable, high-performance, cost efficient product and best quality of customer support.

Our products provide outstanding value, clear and reliable solutions for customers across the globe.



President's Inaugural Message

It is a great honor to have been appointed as President and CEO of Medical Systems Company.

I have been a member of the healthcare business since 1995. I began my career in the technical support department, but have experience in business planning, overseas operations, domestic sales and global marketing. Additionally, I have dedicated myself to strengthening and expanding our medical systems business through corporate acquisitions and strategic alliances. Passionate about increasing MEDICAL SYSTEMS products presence in this market, I know this is only possible with the help of our customers, who are equally passionate about improving patients' quality of life. This goal is shared with all employees in Medical Systems Company.

Throughout our history in the medical device business,


MEDICAL SYSTEMS has responded to our customers' needs by providing a wide range of high-value- solutions. These efforts have made us the top company in our business segment in Egypt.

While always strictly adhering to our company's well-known tradition of excellence and quality, we will continue to respond to the needs of our customers, and pursue our mutual goal of improving healthcare delivery. We deeply appreciate your continuing support and cooperation in improving human health through continually improving healthcare for all patients.

Our company is the product of our employees and I am proud of our MEDICAL SYSTEMS family. I will always strive to protect our brand name and image now and in the future.





Ashraf Ezz El-Din

President and Chief Executive Officer